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Paul Mcgann: one TV movie, and a bunch of sorta-obscure audio episodes.
Christopher Eccleston: guy who revived the fucking series

Paul McGann: has literally poured as much as if not more into Doctor Who than any other actor to play the titular character, has been quoted as saying he’d “come back in a heartbeat” and quite literally signed a fan petition to get him back onto the show himself — despite the above

Christopher Eccleston: one of the most popular and beloved Doctors, praised constantly — refused to come back for the 50th anniversary episode due to being “done with Who”

nothing against Eccleston or his decisions, but I think there are some other actors at least deserving of respect that don’t get worshipped by the fandom like he does

#not to mention the fact that paul mcgann’s part in revival of who was a lot more than given credit for#people tend to forget that the tv movie was an essantial part of figuring how to bring back who#and kind of set the tone/mood for a LOT#i respect eccleston and nine massively but im not the only one#paul on the other hand?#well i think you just proved my point

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